Become Empowered with Tessa Labbe

Intuitive Life Coach. Intuitive Reiki Master.


Reiki & Meditation in the park

August 12 @ 7:30pm

Sienna Park (Sonora Cres & Sienna Gate)


Bring towel, yoga, mat, water, blanket, pillow, lawn chair; whatever will allow you comfort.

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Image by Annie Spratt


tl Coaching is a place where I encourage you to be yourself. A place where cardigans, ponytails and yoga pants are welcomed and loved. 


It’s a place where your hubby may not quite understand what you are doing but we follow our heart anyway. 


Its a community of women connecting on a deeper level within themselves. 


It’s where we have dreams and aspirations that scare the shit out of us, pushing us to procrastinate. 


It’s a place we want to be heard and validated. Guided through our fears into our final decision with confidence. 


Especially in a time where we as women are opening up, transitioning. Wanting authentic connections…..non-judgment excitement…..energetic safe boundaries….in this time, I am here.


Hi, I’m Tessa 


I’ve taken my personal life experiences, graduated as a Empowerment coach, put my practices into action and became a top intuitive life coach and reiki practitioner. With online courses and groups, individual coaching, monthly reiki in the park and intuitive reiki sessions, I am here with you. 


I believe when we connect with our feelings we are able to truly connect with ourselves on a deeper level. We are able to establish your root emotion followed by establishing what/whom is causing this emotion then working through your emotion(s) one at a time using logical steps to achieve the exciting, fulfilled life you want. 


“You’re a goddess, a badass and you’ve totally got this” 

Foggy Waters

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”